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Talking about the different tourist destinations of North India, the state of Uttrakhand provides a large number of tourist destinations. Bhimtal is a famous tourist attraction in the valleys of Nanital district. Bhimtal is one of the largest lakes in Uttrakhand and also a busy place for water sports. Bhimtal is in existence from the Mahabharata age and as per the local saying Bhim the second son of King Pandu and Queen Kunti dug out this Tal or lake and took bath during their exile. This lake is surrounded by the lovely mountain ranges of Kumaon.

At an altitude of about 1370 m from sea level and covers an area of about 1700m by 265m. An island in the middle floats like a gem in the blue waters of Bhimtal. Taking a boat and try your hands in sailing in the lake and experiencing the scenic beauty of the Kumaon hills which surrounds Bhimtal is a life time experience. A walk around the lake in the early morning can be a worth watching different varieties of Himalayan birds, rare animals, the Himalayan fox. Bhimtal provides another feast during the spring season.

The nearby valley of flowers blossoms with large varieties of wild flower, which grows of its own. Bhimtal looks as if it is covered by a carpet of flowers which are spread throughout the valley covering miles and miles of lush green background with high snow clad mountains. It is really a breath taking moment and you would feel as if you are floating above the flowers. The gentle breeze free from pollution would enhance your energy to explore the place more. Visit this unique place with Bhimtal holiday packages to enjoy a beautiful tour trip. Walking down the path of the local market, you can see them weaving the colourful Kumaon shawls or caps.

Bhimtal holiday packages is not only an event of spending some time with your family or friends but also gives you an everlasting peace to your mind and you never like to leave the place but to stay there forever and experience the numerous things that nature had made for you. Bhimtal is easily reachable by road from Haridwar or Nanital and the journey through road is really breath taking. Reaching Bhimtal through the serpentine roads on top of the mountains make you sit tight on the cab seat and look around the beauty of nature. Book your Bhimtal honeymoon packages and get an insight to this marvellous tour destination.

The local people of Bhimtal are very simple. The local villagers live on fishing; agriculture is their main occupation along with cattle farming. Bhimtal holiday packages have number of budget hotels to relax and spend some time amongst the mountain ranges, which you can get for a very low price. Bhimtal holiday packages also host a boat festival during the month of April, when tourist throngs this place. Tourist from different countries also visits Bhimtal. A visit to this beautiful place with Bhimtal holiday packages would definitely enhance the love for nature within you.
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