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When pilgrimage comes in mind you cannot ignore one of the holiest places in India called the Badrinath. This sacred town is situated in the state of Uttaranchal on the foot hills of the Himalayas was founded way back around 9th century AD. Badrinath is the most sacred place of pilgrimage among the Hindus situated along the river banks of the majestic Alaknanda River, at an altitude of nearly 3100m above sea level. Badrinath is dedicated to the lord Vishnu and is also called the Vishal Badri by the local people.

According to the local people Adi Shankarachariya once found a black stone made of saligram stone while bathing in the river Alakanda River. He enshrined the stone in a small cave on the banks of a hot spring called Tapti Kund; later the Garhwali king transformed the stone into a statue of Lord Vishnu and builds the temple in the 16th century. Hence the Badrinath still stands today bearing the wear and tear of the weather and natural calamities. In 1803 Badrinath got damaged by the great Himalayan earthquake. The king of Jaipur again rebuilds the temple, which we know as Badrinath. Visit this sacred place with Badrinath holiday packages to enjoy a beautiful vacation tour.

The temple shrine is about 50 ft tall and situated on top of a hill. The scenic beauty of Badrinath attracts tourist from all over the world, but during the winters the approach roads the closed due to heavy snow fall. Surrounded by the Garhwal hills with the Himalayas on the back drop Badrinath is worth visiting, starting from the month of March, pilgrims start reaching this holy place from every nick and corner of the country. Badrinath is well connected by rail and road with all the major cities of India.

Reaching Badrinath by road is a real life time experience. One can book a cab from Hardwar which passes through the mountain towns of Joshimath, Rudraprayag, Deoprayag and Karnprayag to reach Badrinath or one can book Badrinath holiday packages for more joyful holiday tour. On the way there are number of hot springs, small valleys, wild flower covers the some barren mountains and as you are about to reach Badrinath, you can hear the breeze chanting the holy hymns of Lord Vishnu. Badrinath is not that much populated as other temple towns of India; mostly it is covered by small villages.

The people live a simple life and agriculture; cattle farming are the basic livelihood of the locals. There are very few hotels in and around this temple; Badrinath holiday packages provides moderate rate and service of offer. Mana is the last village on the Indian border which is situated very close to the Indo Tibetan Border line. The people of Mana, whose descendents are from Tibet, live in this remote village for over hundreds of years. After all Badrinath journey is a tour to salvation and to devotion as you are enlightened by the glory of Badrinath.
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