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Auli is one of the very rare places in India that hosts exciting sport and amusement such as skiing and snowflakes. The city in Uttarkhand wakes up in the morning with the bright hot sun rays on the white snow laden land. Auli holiday packages promises to provide you with exceptional views and sceneries with tall mountain peaks covered up in lush greenery and long trees. Auli holiday packages excite tourists especially because of the fantastic scenery. Auli holiday packages are availed by the tourists all year round, but have special demands during the winter.

One of the main reasons why winter is so favorable and tourists crave for winter Auli holiday packages is the skiing sport. Skiing is a favorite for many adventure lovers all over the country and Auli provides the right platform for it during the winter. This is the main reason why Auli holiday packages are availed repeatedly by tourist all over the country. Sliding down over the beaten down snowy land on a ski, leaves your mind enchanted. Auli holiday packages have this feature in common and no matter whether you are thrilled or harrowed by the experience, it brings you back again and again to this wonderful place.

Auli holiday packages take you for that ultimate adrenaline drive to a land of snow paved grounds. The place is situated about 16 kms from Joshmit, and it claims to be one of the finest winter spots in the country. Auli holiday packages are for the winter-resort with snow covered roads and altitude ranging from 2519 m to 3049 m. Forests present in the hilly regions help prevent strong wind flow, and hence makes conditions possible for ideal skiing. The place is nestled into the Garhwal hills. Auli holiday packages enclose even better attractions.

A local organization takes care of winter sports that take place here. Auli holiday packages enable you to get your skiing classes covered up. This place has local organizations to provide amateur training to new comers, before they can go for those death defying stunts on such thin layers of ice. Auli holiday packages at offer you with suitable prices for your training purposes, and proper care and protection is ensured in all cases. Very minimal charges are levied on the trainees, especially tourists related to Auli holiday packages are given special benefits. This will surely give a fun-filled vacation.

The Auli holiday packages are not only about skiing and snow games. These packages also offer various site seeing opportunities to the tourists. Nanda Devi, Panch Chuli and Chaukhamba are some of the very famous sites to be watched. All these are provided along with your Auli holiday packages. The white snowy mountains are covered with blotches of oak forests all over it. This is a divine view and one can just stare at this beauty for hours and hours. Then there is another exciting adventure with your Auli holiday package. This city gives you Asia's longest ropeway with ten self towers for structural purposes.
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