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When thinking of spending a short weekend with your family or friends, Almora holiday packages are the best place to shred out your execration in the lovely surroundings of this place. Tailored by nature, this place came into existence during the 9th century AD under the rule of Katyuri Dynasty and later developed by the Chand dynasty, who ruled this place for more than thousand years. Unlike other hill stations which were discovered and developed by the Britishers, Almora is the only place in India which came in to existence long before the Britishers came to India.

Almora is situated in Kumaon district mountain ranges with about 60,000 inhabitants. Almora almost covers a crescent shaped mountain, spread over 5Km and almost over 6000ft above the sea level. The natural boundaries are provided by the two famous mountain rivers called Kosi and Suyal which flows through its plains adding more colours to this hill station. Almora is inhabited by the native Kumaoni people and also by the Gorkhas, who settled in this mountain city from 1760, Almora is also called the Temple City. Book your Almora holiday packages and get an insight to this marvellous tour destination.

Number of temples of God and Goddess are build in and around the city. The famous temple of Nanda Devi is situated in the centre of the town which host the famous Nanda Devi annual fair Almora has another famous temple called the Chitai temple, the Kumaoni people believe that the deity Golu, who is worshiped here fulfils all their wishes, upon fulfilling the wish they tie a bell in the courtyard of the temple. You can see hundreds of bells hanging over there. Siyahidevi temple, Katarmal temple, Binsar Mahadev temple is there in Almora. Visit Tempat Wisata Jawa Timur unique with Almora holiday packages to enjoy a beautiful vacation tour.

The scenic beauty of Almora thrills you with its lush green mountains and the picturesque mountain peak Nanda Devi at it backdrop. The visit to Bright End Corner, which is just about 6km from Almora mainly attracts tourist around the world to watch the Sunrise and Sunset on top of the Himalayan peaks. Tourist can spend some time in this peaceful environment with Almora holiday packages. A walk down the local market brings you the old traditional art, handicraft and culture of the Kumaoni people. The famous among them are the hand woven woollen tweeds and copper ware utensils. The tour is also called as the ultimate holiday destination.

Almora is full of traditional foods and sweets like the BAL Mathai and Singuari which are wrapped in green malu leaf to give an aromatic flavour. The ginger tea is a popular local drink to welcome guests. Binsar wild life sanctuary is about 25 km from Almora and is famous for different varieties of Himalayan birds. Almora is easily accessible by road and rail from all important cities of India. The wonderful creation of nature will be an unforgettable experience. So the next time when you think to spend your weekend think of Almora holiday packages.
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