Disney World Attractions


As you plan your choices of vacation packages for Disney World you will need to read up on the following theme parks:

·         Magic Kingdom

·         Animal Kingdom

·         MGM Studios

·         Epcot Center

·         The water parks(Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach)

Let each family member choose two attractions from two of the theme parks they have to see on this vacation! This will help you plan which parks you need included in your vacation package for Disney World. Here are few suggestions, and you can find a great detailed list in Beth Haworth's e-book detailed above:

For teens: Epcot's Test track they get to test drive real GM cars!! Or Innovations where they will have access to hands on time with all the latest and greatest HIGH tech products.

Animal Kingdoms Kali River Rapids with 12 people in a circular raft and white water rapids! If your teens are into water sports find out when the water parks have body surfing and surfing lessons!

Finally, for all those over 12, the mouse boats at the Disney hotels Seven Seas Lagoon is awesome! Anyone over 12 and 5 feet tall can rent their own 1 and 2 person speed boats for an hour!

Preschoolers will love Magic Kingdom: Mickey's toontown, and the many adventures of Winnie the Pooh just to name a couple. MGM studios Bear in the Big Blue House and the Voyage of the little mermaid!

A bit older children will love Animal Kingdom's "It's tough to be a bug" and the Kilimanjaro Safari.

There truly is something for everyone at Disney World and Splitting up is ok! After all you don't want your teenager to live through it's a small world and your 6 year old scared to death at Alien Invasions or Space Mountain all in the name of family togetherness!

You can reduce wait times by using the fast pass ticket system for the long lines. Get your fast pass ticket first thing upon arriving to the park and return at the time on the pass for your turn on the ride! You can also order maps and arrange priority seating for MGM Studio shows right from home before your trip even starts!

Vacation Packages for Disney World - Where to Stay?

OK, now you have some idea which parks and attractions you want in your vacation packages for Disney World, so let's look at lodging!

First, do you have your heart set on staying ON the Disney Property? Only you can answer this, but there are some advantages and disadvantages to this decision.

First the advantages: you can include park hopper tickets for all family members with your vacation package for Disney World and you get special hours on certain days no one else gets to enter the theme parks. A car will not be needed as you can use all the available Disney transportation.

If your family leaned heavily towards one them park you could pick a hotel within walking distance or boat ride from a Disney hotel to that park!

Meals can be added to all on-site Disney packages which does mean you can pay for your entire vacation ahead but unless you plan to eat (3) meals at (3) restaurants a day, you might feel guilty using a $20.00 meal ticket for a $5.00 hamburger by the pool.

Disadvantages are: the on site Disney hotels typically are about $30.00 per night higher and the food cost is usually more expensive!

Beth Haworth's e-book talked about above goes through all of these hotels in detail and you can search on them to see all hotel amenities at Disneyworld.com.

Here are the Family Preferred Hotels by Theme park location:

Magic Kingdom: The wilderness lodge is the #1 choice here.

Epcot Center: The yacht and Beach club or the Animal Kingdom Lodge!

For on site Value lodging our #1 pick is any of the All-star hotels. Pick the All-star hotel just right for your kids. The sports hotel has GIANT sports items everywhere and the Movie hotel has a giant Woody from the movie Toy Story!

When planning off site lodging in your vacation packages for Disney World, apply 4 weeks ahead for a Orlando magic card from the Orlando Visitors bureau. This gives you free and discount offers including 50% off on some lodging.

One of the newest remodeled off-site hotels is the Holiday Inn Family Suites. You can get a great suite with a kids and adult bedrooms, a kitchen and the pool area is to die for! If you plan to get a few groceries you can have breakfast or snacks in your room. Also note kids eat free in the hotel on-site restaurant. You will however need a car; this allows you to control coming and going to the theme parks!

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